Train To Zakopane

I have been privileged to be working on a theatre production of a new play by Henry Jaglom called “Train to Zakopane”. It’s a beautiful (true) story set in Poland in the 1920s, exquisitely written by Mr. Jaglom. I’ve had a great experience working with this wonderful cast and crew, and the incredibly talented director, Gary Imhoff.

I play the lead role of Semyon Sapir, a Russian businessman on his way to Danzig by train, where he is invited to join three people in a private compartment. This chance encounter turns out to be a pivotal moment in his life.

We premiered in November of 2014 to sold out audiences and are scheduled to run through June, 2015. If you are in LA and have the opportunity, please come join us for an evening of theatre.

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Here are some of the things critics are saying:

“Henry Jaglom’s ‘Train to Zakopané’ a vivid story of tragic love… Anybody who enjoys a good weep will succumb to the thrill of this star-crossed romance!”
– Los Angeles Times

“5 STARS! Not to be missed! A dynamic, touching piece of theatre! The chemistry between Frederick and Falkow is amazing – the two best performances of the year so far!”
– Grigware Reviews

“Falkow’s presence throughout the play’s entirety commands the sort of magnetism that comes from one who’s mastered his craft”
– Life In LA

“The acting alone makes this play worth seeing”
– Los Angeles Theatre Reviews

“Mike Falkow inhabits his role”
– Broadway World

“It is a beautiful, heart rending romance, excellently acted, especially by the two leads”
“Falkow is elegant and attractive… A difficult role, expertly handled”
– Will Call

“The drama is also well-acted; Falkow has that 1930s/1940s matinee idol appeal, with the looks and mannerisms of the suave, continental Paul Henreid and Franchot Tone, which is ideal for this period piece”
– Jesther Entertainment

“Train To Zakopane is probably one of the most hard hitting plays about bigotry to appear onstage in ages”
– John Esther

“Mike Falkow, as Semyon Sapir, has a tremendous presence on stage”
– Joe Straw Theatre Reviews

“Falkow’s nicely restrained performance as Semyon endows the character with the requisite air of romantic mystery”
– Stage Raw

“Emotionally honest”
– Theatre Spoken Here