Law & Order LA

I just shot a guest star role in Law & Order LA. Season 1 episode 2. I play a guy who witnessed his family getting murdered as a child and as a result is a little loopy. Twenty some odd years later, one of the murderers is released from prison and is found dead near the beach. Guess who is the prime suspect? Yours truly.

I had a great time working on this show. The cast and crew were awesome. Everyone was really really nice. It’s great to be able to work in a creative environment where the whole team is supportive of one another and creates an atmosphere of upbeat creativity. One of my scenes was pretty emotional and we shot it so many different ways. I was allowed the freedom to really explore the different facets and nuances of the moments in the scene. Very refreshing and very awesome experience. Thanks to the wonderful people at the show for having me on as a guest.